Pissng In Kitchen

Kittplay Litterbox Desperation

I make quite the adorable little kitten don’t I? Kitty has to use her litter-box! I’ve been fighting in my urge to go all day long so be ready to enjoy 2 thick streams of pee & 2 heavy loads of shit from this kitten. of course I cover my droppings when I’m all finished! 🙂 (GIF doesn’t represent quality of the video!!! Yezzclips’ uploader makes my GIFS very glitchy and I’m working on fixing that but all my videos are in 1080p HD!!) ***DO NOT REPOST OR REDISTRIBUTE MY VIDEOS!!!***

Godess Smocking And Shitting

Godewss cannot wait anymore for her toilets to arrive at her dungeon and because she was full of shit and pee, she goes to bath and make a new meal for her loyal servants. She smocking and shitting sametime and thinking that her toilets will be so happy to ingest their fresh food !!!

Shitting In Horny Position

So I will surely squat about you or? I press a hard sausage out