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Takahashi Miki Pooping

In doggy position, Takahashi Miki spreads her ass wide and shits. Her asshole is gaping throughout. Later she squats on the table with her ass and perfect hourglass figure to the camera and releases some more shit. close-up of the shit pile at the end. Multi-angle views.

Two Nurses Fill A Man’s Stomach With Their Piss! – Part 1

When the ladies saw the man, they immediately cuff him to the bed and then secure a device on his mouth that keeps it wide open! After which, they use tubes to connect their pussies to his mouth and then start urinating! When they exhausted the contents of their bladders, they direct their attention to his crotch and give him a handjob! When they could urinate again, they detach him from the bed and put him on the floor! They then start using the tubes again to piss inside his mouth and make him swallow another round of urine!

Lady Lina – The Shit Saleswoman

At 6 o┬┤clock in the morning, Lady Lina comes to her slave to sell him her morning shit.