Playing With Wet Shit

Dine And Dump 04.2017

I’m sitting on the couch, eating fast food.Mix of kfc’s and mcd’s junky food and a can of corn. I’ll shit it out in a few days for you. I hope this food will be as good coming out as it was going in.Next scene Im in the living room holding a leftover ( small piece of chicken and chicken bones) and I will shit onto this .I push and grunt, its hard to shit out this thick shit out of me, my asshole is stretch and becomes violet.

Stomach Ache Shit!

I ate too much and now I’m too full my stomach hurts! But my slaves are ready for my shit so I squatted on two chairs and pushes out my shit! They ate it and while I wasn?t quiet finish yet I continue to shit then my best friend joined in to piss in my slave’s mouth while I spit on their mouth.


Marinela so hard loud farts to poop;)