Poo And Bomit

Double Shit In The Mouth

Miss Jane sits on her slave’s skull and controls his air supply, while I notice a pressure in my belly. Jane has to borrow her slave to me, so I can relieve myself. The loser is parrying quite well, at least he does not need long time to eat my shit, but to his misfortune now Miss Jane poops also, so he immediately gets a further look. For better slippiness I pee in his mouth and to make him remember us for a while, we scratch his back with our heels.

Mistress Emily – Torrent Of Diarrhea

Jerk off on my new video. I use a slave mouth instead of my toilet. Slave must lick my ass with his tongue and i’ll give in his mouth stream of my diarrhea. Clean my boot’s and swallow my spit, you just a toilet for me, but no more.

Bad Tea’her. Part 1

Introducing: Matilda.Faces are hidden only in the preview pictures, in video there are no censorship.Matilda is a very bad school teacher.Dry Numbers. 90 minutes of instant hardcore, two scenes, lots of shit. Blowjob for piece of shit, all kind of sex, enemas masturbation and fucking.Bad teacher Matilda spending time with her student.Humbly saying one more perfect video.Enjoy your watching.Kisses.Matilda

Pervert Old Man Spiked Laxative To Friend’s Daughters Tea! – Part 1

He invites the young girls over to his house and serves them tea and cakes and secretly pour laxative in their tea, the girls happily accepted the tea but were in shocked when their stomach started rumbling and without any notice produce liquid shit for him to savor. He excitedly takes the poop in his hands and smear it all over his face!