Poo And Pee Compilation

Makiko Big Load

A big poop from dual angles!

Shitgames At Home 2

This second part of Shitgames at home. See the shitting, pissing and having Scatsex.

Domi Shits Pee And Vomit

Domi sits on her cym chair her asshole opens close and opens, she shits a litlle in slaves mouth, shee piss in his mouth and puke in it.what a nice menu 🙂

You’re Late!!! Lie There & I Will Show You How Unhappy I Am!

You’re late!!! Again, where the hell have you been??? You have pending work on your desk I dump them all there! Now lie on the floor and I’ll show you how furious I am with you for being late again and again. Here I will show you discipline!!! Your cock is so small its so frustrating to imagine it inside my vagina I wouldnt feel it at all.. Feel my heels on your cock, does it hurt?! well, that’s the idea to HURT you! LICK my pussy lazy pathetic boy.. Do you like it?! ME I dont fucking like it so stop! LIE DOWN little shit… Here sniff that sweaty pantyhose. Lick my pussy and dont stop until I tell you! Oh wait open your mouth and drink my PISS! Now, eat your own cum!