Poo And Pee In Pants

Eat My Shit Out Of The Toilet

And here is now for my shit-eater it is time another tests… I decided to rein the lesson, I dragged him to the bathroom. He’s in for a little surprise! A big, smelly pile of shit, and he’ll eat right out of the toilet! Dipping his face in the toilet and making him eat stinky shit, I finally broke it! He scooped up the shit with his hands and ate whimpered, but did not dare to contradict until you ate everything and I flushed the water and tucked his head down the toilet. Now it’s his place! Now this schmuck and the toilet maggot are my toilet forever!

She Locked Me On The Balcony

I woke up in the morning and I was supposed to hang out the washing on the balcony when my girlfriend decided to lock me on the balcony.I got very mad and had a big rush to poop.She let me come in and then the playing started!Thanks God she hadn’t gone to the toilet too 🙂

Solo Scat Girl Izabell

Very nice Girl Izabell like to show her big shit and pee for us in different situations!!