Poo Desperation

Goddess Andreea Ass Destroyed Then Feeding Kaviar

Goddess Andreea had a kinky custom request today from a member who like poopers. She must use many power on her toilet slave and make him very obedience until she will feed him her shit. She wearing black igh heels and she use a pump, clamps, plugs, dildoes, double dildoes and a huge strapon to destroy her toilet slave asshole until the feeding time. She shitting on a plate and giving her slave a spoon he order him to eat everything and take all shit from the plate.

Kinky Professor Loves To Eat Schoolgirl Scat! – Full Movie

The students discovered that their professor has a nasty fetish. So they decided to exploit this to get a better grade from him. They peed on the floor and he lapped it up greedily. They take turns shitting on the bowl and the turd dropped directly on his open mouth.

Human Toilet

a very obedient slave is unable to handle all she has to give