Poo Diper Panty Gaged


poo inside me

160 Human Toilet In Chastity Belt

My human toilet wearing a chastity belt from 1 week and every day I use him to shit in his mouth. Today is no different . Farts, shit, smelly feet all in his mouth and nose. He is becoming completely brainless and obedient. I am his Quin and he is just a Toilet hahahaWhen I finish he must clean me with his tongue.. this is my favourite part … I am getting horny when I feel his tongue inside my asshole!

Man Intruded In Bathroom, Has To Drink Piss!

It is a normal day for a man who is taking his time soaking himself in the bathtub when two naked women suddenly barged inside! He has no idea who they are and what they came from, but before he could ask questions, they position themselves close to him and one begins peeing into his mouth! He is ordered to open it wide! Whenever he closes it, the other sweetheart would pinch his nose, making him breathe through his mouth! This left him with no choice but to swallow mouthful after mouthful of piss! When she is done, the other woman does the same to him! By the time she is finished, the earlier lady feels the urge to piss again so she does so inside a bowl which she then hands to the victim and makes him drink! Only upon gulping down every drop of it does his suffering come to an end!

Shit Near The River

I din’t go to the toilet in the morning and long hoard up the shit inside. I was walking along the river and felt that I could not suffer anymore and I urgently needed a toilet … This stupid pig goes everywhere with me for any event. I use his mouth instead of my toilet. Open your mouth and swallow my delicious shit! You’re a toilet and don’t be embarrassed by this.