Poo Fight Competition

Mistress Gaia – Thirsty Pony

I’m training my pony with long riding sessions. I want to improve his resistance and teach him to obey my commands. However, today, his performance is not so good, he seems slow and tired; I think he’s thirsty and low on minerals. But I have the right cure for him! I’m going to give him a drink that will contain all the minerals he needs: my pee!!! I take off the bit from his mouth and I replace it with another one that fits the purpose: a funnel that I fix around his head. Now I’m ready to release my precious nectar, that flows directly into his throat, so that he must drink everything. At a certain point he chokes but, nevertheless, he has to swallow everything, up to the last drop!!!

Beggar Abducted And Then Drinks Dominatrix’ Piss! – Part 2

The sweetheart stood up again and then rained his head with her piss, but not long after, she served her pussy back into his mouth and makes him gulp down a couple more mouthfuls of her urine! When she could no longer release anymore, she orders him to eat her vagina and asshole which he does in the fear of what she may possibly do if he contests!

Kyoko Reverse Cowgirl

Straddling a chair backwards for a nice view of pooping!

I Love Your Scat Mistress P3

At the last part of this human toilet training Lady Lisa has still much more crap for the toilet slave. Before Lisa fill up the toilet slaves mouth i prepare a inflatable dildo in his ass. Now Lady Lisa have to shit and vomit.Than she snot her nose directly over the slaves shit face. the toilet slave lay on the floor and try to swallow.