Poo In The Bath

Shitty Diarrheea In Green Pantyhose After Humiliation

Goddess humiliate her toilet slave before she feeding him. She get a few of her toys and use them in his asshole, At the end, Mistress was going in to bathtub and put a pair of green pantyhose and shit in them a huuuuge Diarrhea. Epic movie for Diarrhea fun lovers and shitting in hosiery

30 Cm Long Sausage Shitting And Pissing

I knees and you can see very good my Rosette,he comes a so so very long shit sausage out……ah wow a so big Portion of shit,then i piss on the sausage,the Pissbeam have not ended,so much piss,come and lick the fllor clean!! Eat my Sausage and drink my Piss you Looser Slave!!

Piss Goddess Prepares Soft Drinks For You!

There is only so much golden nectar that any mistress can supply in a day. Especially for a busy mistress with multiple mouths to feed. She needs to make sure there is enough to go around for everybody. So after depositing her delicious juice into a container, she carefully measures her nectar so there is enough for everybody. This goddess has a heart of gold!

Shit For Breakfast

Well if that time is not tasty, fresh shit for breakfast. Come and be very close to it as I smear my shit on my fresh bread and eat. Hope you get it too hungry.