Poo In Toliet

A Hot Drink (hd 720p)

Here’s a hot drink for you, you’ll have to drink it all, and delicious. But then I’m sure you’ll be too excited! Are you ready to cum? The countdown starts now.

The Clogged Toilet

A happy slave: he has the honor of being shit in my mouth by my girlfriend Contessa Calucci and at the same time being pissed off by me. A highlight for every slave … at least we thought. But what does this ungrateful sow do? He does not swallow the caviar. But not with me! A little tutoring with my hand and the toilet was free again and the shit could take their way. 🙂

Two Days – Two Loads

I am constantly going nowadays. I blame it on the pregnancy; I am 8 months along. Sunday, after a delicious dinner of meatloaf, mac and cheese and green beans I had to go to the bathroom. I barely made it to My toilet seat before it all came out!Then, Monday night, after a huge portion of homemade rice pudding, I decided to indulge y?all in one of the best angle view of Me going to the bathroom.