Poo Panthyose

Facesat & Sharted On After Chipotle

My slave of all places knowing what it does to me, decided to get chipotle to eat after I told him anywhere but there. Now he’ll pay for it by smelling his mistake up close and personal. Awh are they a little wet? What did you expect to happen? Here I’ll even let you taste your mistake, I don’t want these dirty panties touching the floor once I take them off, so open your mouth for me Hun, hope it was worth it. (Contains rear and full side view, this is very mild and the sharts do not get very dirty, mildly visible)

The Poop Barril Part 6

Girls Uses Man

More Than Sexy

I pose and tease in front of you, with hot stockings, high heels, a sexy negligee, and shit a hot, humid, black bunch from the edge of the bathtub. A really neat thing that afterwards promptly clogged the toilet. A session to enjoy, to sit back and cum! 😉

User Request Lying On His Stomach And Then Pissing Shitting

I found that now is not easy! Mach level! Naked I laid on the cold tiles. Then my shit came even 🙂 slowly she squeezes in between my legs up into the light 🙂 The sausage was getting longer and thicker, because that was shit for 4 days! Once the sausage was now on my thighs I turn around, do your legs wide for you .. You look sooo many, beautiful, dirty … things .. then I piss on you and shit like even more 🙂 Is that not even a vollles program?