Poo Shitting Shit

Student Shitting For Extra Credit! – Part 2

He tells her to shit more, he’s not satisfied with the small mound of feces resting on the floor. So she strained her asshole to eject more shit, crying in humiliation as she does so.

Slave Compilation! 16 Times Filled With Piss!

Here you can see some of my best scenes where I fill alone or together with several girlfriends toilet slave with piss. A total of 16 slaves, Outdoor, Public and indoor are here presented and filled with piss directly from the source. One must here also drink piss out of my ass and swallowing!

Here Is My Champagne For You!

Hmmm! This time you are allowed to watch me peeing! That’s what you always dreamed of, isn’t it…!? Of course my pussy has to be cleaned later on – that’s YOUR job! You will have to use your tongue to do so…!

Poop For User In Tupperbox

Man, this has now been grumbling in my stomach this morning, but I had to push away my shit because she was reserved .. and I was allowed to let it out only at home. Then it had to be quick, quickly brought ne Tupperware and not yet completely out of the slip, as you see I have shit going on … which I think you can, of course, in the end, in front of the camera ..