Poo Vomit Pee

Intense Poop-eating Training!

This is the best slave academy in the country and no one graduates from it without eating all the shit his throat can handle! This trainee is strapped to the floor and his head trapped in a portable toilet. The mistresses take turns sitting on the toilet and ejecting shit straight into his open mouth! You have to eat all of it, they said to him. He gobbles up the chunks of shit dropping from their assholes thinking that soon he will graduate and he will start earning his keep!`

254 Kv Close Up: Philosophy

My dear slaves, because the video 254 i published here few days ago is very long and very expensive i decide to give you this clip of 16 minutes with the scat scene with a very beautifull close up, you can see in the gif! MP4 and now…. do not loose this!!!!!

Stupid Pervert In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time Part 2 Andrea Hd.wmv

The Girls are standing in Line at an Office when they notice a Pervert observing them and touching his private Parts. Until the Situation explodes, they throw the Man on the Ground and poop in his Face and Mouth and make him swallow the Poop. Part 2 with Andrea. English Subtitles


Morning sexy satin pink pijama pooped!