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Ms D’s Spread Formation!!

Just like Most College Football teams, Ms D decided to put her own spin on the “Spread Offense”, lol…Enjoy as she spreads her big asscheeks nice and wide to release her usual funk at work. Enjoy as Ms D decides on some peculiar ways to spread and release her browns. Lol however she pulled it off it worked!!! Three great new clips to add to the Ms D Collection!!! Plenty of the Grunts, Plops, Pooting, and Straining you’ve grown to love from my most explosive FUNKY lady!!! I swear it’s a bucket list fantasy to be in the next stall alongside her as she releases on of her usual office masterpieces!!

Teasing By 2 Mistresses Before Eating Shit

A nice movie with 2 of my Goddesses. One of them teasing me until cumming and another make me her personal toilet, ordering me to drink her piss and eat her shit. She put me under her toilet chair and oblige me to ingest her feces and become dirty with her shit.

Alexia Cage Want Some Soup With Piss And Shit

Alexia Cage want some soup with piss and shit