Pooh Toilet Fart

Stick In The Ass For The Toilet Slave P1

A stick in the ass, the eggs trapped and the face and his nipples full of braces. So ridiculously kneels the slave in front of the Scatqueens and makes himself a good idiot. The Scatqueens have something to laugh about. Then Lady Kimi has to piss and shit. As usual, she uses the toilet slave, who is soon filled with piss, before a fresh steaming pile of shit sticks out of his mouth. Lady Kimi just laughs and wipes her butt off. Lady Domi does not stand the stench and pukes on the slave.

Golden Shower

We wanted to torment our victim during his captivity a bit and let him feel our high heels. The loser turned out to be a wimp and apparently is good only as a toilet. So he was pretty full of pee and spittle from me and Miss Jane.

Alexia Cage Is Ready For Some Dirty Scat Play

Alexia Cage is ready for some dirty scat play