Pooing Pov Toilet

Shit-smeared Orgy! – Full Movie

These two bisexual students want to have some fun and they want it right now, right here in this classroom! Without a care who comes in the room, these chicks start to make out and get naked on the teacher’s table! Soon they were taking turns sucking tits and eating pussy! One of them takes a dump right there and they make good use of the feces – they smear it all over their bodies! Suddenly, a professor comes in and catches the girl mid-fucking. They invite him to join them and soon he was banging the girls, one after the other!

Mistress Gaia – Released For Scat Lunch – Hd Version

CUSTOM REQUEST – A male slave is waiting a cage. You let him out and after he licked your boots you slap his face and spit into his face/mouth and tell him that it’s feeding time. He must lie on his back and you squat over him and shit into his mouth. But you want that he sees what he has to eat, so you tell him to put the caviar next to his head on the floor. Next he has to put his head over the caviar and sniff it intensively. Then you brutally push the male slave’s head into the pile of caviar with your hand and order the male slave to eat your caviar. To make it harder for him, you tie his arms behind his back and command him to start eating. For fun you push his head into the remaining caviar now and then. You make sure that all of your sacred caviar is consumed and at the end he must lick the floor clean. When the slave lacks enthusiasm to eat his meal, you do not hesitate to whip him severely.

Poop In Absolute Close-up View!

You see how the brown, warm turd slowly from my tight asshole can for you zukommt.Du they smell 🙂 well, almost.