Pooky Foreign

Serve Me Toilet Slave

My slave will have to serve a bit before being feed so first he will lick my ass .After shitting in his mouth making him very eager to eat i first order to my toilet slave to lick clean my asshole. After that i forcibly pushing shit into his mouth with my hands with gloves, so enjoy the feed.

Stream Of Diarrhea – Hd Version

My slave licks my feet in the bath. I play with his dick. I squeeze his eggs of my foot. Toilet slave sucks my ass hole. The jet diarrhea splatters on his face. You will see a close-up of what is happening with my slaves in the bathroom. I am a strict Mistress and sometimes punish my toilet slaves. Fuck your mouth by my shit, loser.

Mia_brown ‘s Dirty Trailer #2 : A Big Turd Story’s

I really needed to shit .. was just settleing down my new appartement… Was a way to increase the home sweet home feeling;..

Abducted To Produce Scat – Full Movie

The two girls were sleeping inside their dorm room when several men grabbed them and took them to an undisclosed location. When they woke up, they saw a dark laboratory with a creepy-looking doctor. They were tied and made to observe what’s happening around them. They saw girls tied up, naked, and made to produce scat for some mysterious purpose.