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Cuckold Toilet

This was originally a custom request which I have sat on for awhile. I liked it so much I thought I would share it

Goddess Zelda’s Funky Meal For Her Slave!!

This is something you have NEVER seen before from any of my Funky Ladies!! Zelda is a sadistic Dominatrix. She has NEVER shown this aspect of her private life as most of her slaves request privacy. However a new slave begged Goddess Zelda to record one of her feeding sessions. One day this past weekend, one of her slaves came over and was starving. Zelda decided to cook him up a SPECIAL batch of her brown goodies and feed this pathetic slave. The Slave Got exactly what he wanted and we all get to watch!!! This pathetic fuck spends most of his money supporting his mistress, so you have to forgive the quality of his phone. Zelda said she will use her own next time as this was an impromptu recording. Yet still we get to see what a sexy sadistic woman this usually sweet girl can be!! I was SHOCKED when it came to me as she has NEVER shared this action with me before! But Mistress Zelda wanted to introduce this aspect of her life to all her fans!! Be on the lookout for even more, even better clips from Mistress Zelda in the Future!! Consider this a Re-Introduction to a side of one your favorites you have never seen!!! Eat her Shit you pathetic Fuck you!!! I know some of you can’t wait to be next!!! Enjoy as she smears it in his face, makes him smell it and eat it all while treating him like the piece of shit he just ate!!!

The Loser P3

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