Poonam Pandysaxy Video

Lick The Crap Off The Shoe!

Lick the crap off the shoe! This time I had to endure an ordeal. As usual, the girls invited me to use as a toilet. For a while they humiliated me, beat me on the cheeks, insulted me. Thenthey started to feed me by their crap. This time they wanted me to swallow theircrap very quickly. Therefore, having made a handful on my face, they were stepping on it by shoe. My mouth was full of shit and I had to swallow it very quickly. It was very difficult, but I coped with it. And after I got over the shit, I had to lick girl’s shoes. After all, serving Mrs Christina, Lisa and Yana is happiness.

Cum While I Poop

Goddess is hot seducting you with her hot body in plastic pink panties and high heels, she is rubbing her tits and shitting in plastic panties,moaning and encouraging you to cum!


Hot pooping,pissing,cumming and medeling with huge shitted tights!

Mistress Roberta – Shitting On The Floor Tough Panties-pov

Today i will shit directly on the wooden floor tough my la perla panties an hot cream panties so after this you will need to lick clean my ass hole, suck clean the panties and eat all the shit on the floor, enjoy your breakfast slave.