Pooop While Anal

Big Relieve

I had a bladder problem and for some reason I havent pee for 2 days. The doc gave me some pills that would helpme pee. So I am going in my bed with my jeans on and waiting for the big relieve! My boyfriend gives me foot masage. But it didnt come and I doze off! When I wake up I m still dry..so disapointing, but here it comes…like river, like a waterfall…and I soak my jeans and my whole bed! So nice, so warm and…so sexy!:)

Pissing On Her Big Tits And Her Belly

Pissing on her Big tits and her Belly

Autumn’s First Smearing Shoving Shit Show Ever

I shit on a plate and play a little with it and smear it on myself and shove it inside my huge cunt and then bang my clit while I fuck myself with a dildo climaxing hard.The dress and panties are also offered for sale with the custom purchase of this video. First come offer only!