Poop Acicidents

Shit And Pissing On The Body1

I came home very drunk. On the bed I found a vibrator. I’m happy to sit his ass. I’m starting to jump. I like that. My friend saw me and put the vibrator in his mouth. I’m doing blowjob. I wanted to shit I’m starting to shit in a bowl. I’m drunk and I can not come to the toilet. My friend began to write on my face that I would refresh a little. I’m glad. Now I take a shit and put it in the mouth. It tastes good. I fuck in the mouth vibrator. I pouted my face and slapped his shit. It was great fun.

Shitting In The Bathroom Sink

Shitting in the bathroom sink

Nice Shit Then Made My Pussy Cum

I was super horny and no better way then to release my bowel and enjoy that sweet feeling of release. I was really grunting and moaning in this one and really vocal too!! I came so hard at the end and my clit was so sensitive. You really get good long looks at my gaping pussy in this one.ENJOY EVERYONE!!!From your favorite redhead with huge boobs and the most beautiful prolapse rosebud!