Poop Anal Riming

Piss, Shit And Vomit In Big Detail

The first thing you see is a big pile of shit on a plate, my shit now has a nice texture, ideal for dirty play…Another shot is on my horny pussy, cunt will piss you will see great detail.Then shit in my mouth and chew slowly …Shit cover my entire body and pussy.My hand deep in my throat, I have to vomit a little …I’m a very horny dirty bitch and I have to masturbate. The whole video is in great detail….Have a nice day!!! Kisses Victoria

Matilda’s Kitchen And Bathroom Scat Destruction. Camera 3

This is footage from the third camera.Hello guys, I want to share with you one more superb video which we have done not so long time ago..My neighbor left his apartment to visit his mom in other city and left me keys from his apartment so I could watch and feed hif his fucking parrot.Well, when me and my GF saw this apartment we have shared the samethought to make video there, because light and environment was perfectthere, I hope my neighbor will never see this video and recognize his apartment especially his kitchen ? table where he eats and his bathroom where he bathes..This is great video full of passion and perverted things like lost of scat, pee and vomit.See for yourself..Kisses,Matilda

Drunk Dipshit

My friend ?Miss Atrax? and I have the same opinion in having fun. We find a drunk dipshit, who is sleeping. He sleeps so deep, that he does not feel me shitting in his face. He is kicked and trampled by us and is made to eat the shit. The guy is so drunk, that he thinks we serve a delicious meal for him. So why does he sleep drunk on the street ? it is his own guilt. *laugh*