Poop Building Ab And Oned

Mistress Gaia – Disgusting Breakfast

WARNING: this movie is one of the most extreme I’ve ever shot. I order my slave to swallow a real piece of crap made of chewed food, saliva, shit, piss, spits, all blended to form a pulp by the indefinable color and foul-smelling. But mine is a very good and obedient slave: he is a perfect toilet, so he never has any difficulty in swallowing whatever I give him to eat or drink. What a crap! Bleeehhhh …..

Mistress Gaia – Ashtray Shit

Like to see me smoking? In this video I use, as an ashtray, a pile of shit just made, in which I do not just drop the ash, but also my spit. At the end, I also turn off in the butt. A real ashtray made of shit!

Jan 6th Fourth Pee Of The Day In

That’s right! I whiz in my home bathroom and share it with you!

Double Dose Of Jessica Part 2 720phd

Double dose of big butt bbw Jessica take shits in the slaves face. Her third and fourth time one one clip for one low price. Will be available in 720p HD, WMV and Iphone/Ipod formats, and now Ipad 720p HD Slow motion added so you can see the shitting action close up.