Poop Cat Asrof

Silicone Goddess Lilly – Shitting At Home Part 2

Mistress Lilly begin to recording more shitty movies with her. She really love to shit and play ANYTIME she feel her ass full of shit. A true Scat Goddess !! Today she shitting in her room.

Mistress Gaia – Riding Scat

I have just returned from riding, I still have my riding boots muddy and I need to shit! Sitting comfortably, I call my slave to clean them, while shabby, and then humiliate him heavily, making him lick my shit, straight from the ground and from the soles of my boots. Smear him on the face, and finally, after a good enema, I will serve my delicious cocktails to drink. A very special video …

Mistress Gaia – Scat Gift

A arrive back from a walk, and you are on you knees waiting for me. As I sit down to relax, you can lick my dirty shoes. It’s also your lucky day, as I need the toilet. I’m going to give you a little treat and allow you to share it with me. When your finished licking my shoes, I want you to remain on your knees as It’s time for me to do the toilet. I kick off my shoes and remove my denims to reveal my long and beautiful legs. I know your excited, as I squat down to reveal my pussy and slowly begin to relieve myself onto a plastic wrapper. As I enjoy having my shit, the look in your face tells me that you want to eat it. So when I’m finished, and as a treat for you. I wrap my delicious shit in a neat little parcel, so you can indulge yourself later. What a fortunate slave you are, to receive a appetizing gift containing the personal shit of Mistress Gaia. Enjoy!!

Mistress Roberta – Pee In The Jar And Hard Sosages For Breakfast-pov

This morning i pee in the jar because i feel like i will pee alot and is half a jar of pee and shit few sosages, strong, for you to suck while you drink the pee from the jar but first you need to lick clean my ass hole of the remaining poop and after you can take your breakfast.