Poop Compilation Mouth

Scat Sweets

this is a customer order. finishing some sweets with my pee and shit. he will love it.

Domi And Kimi Scat And Vomit Humilation-kimi Only

Today Domi and Kimi visit a new slave at his hotel. he wanted them to shit and puke in his mounth and stuff every peace of shit and vomit deep in his throat. A very intensive and agresive clip! enjoy it!this is the part futuring Kimi only

Vika White Pantyhose Diareeah

Vika is sexy med nurse and came after work,has nice stinky diareeah for you in sexy white pantyhose!

Uncontainable Creamy Shit

—-?SUBTITLED AND SIMULTANEOUS ANGLES!—-Oh my god! I was quietly in home, just I arrived and a began to feel a terrible stomach ache!By luck, my slave was on the floor, such usually, and I take advantage for take a very big and nasty creamy shit all over his face! hahaha!Then, relieved, I smoke a cigarrete contemplating my work of art. What a filthy pig, he was getting a lot of fun with al my shit in his ugly face.He can’t avoid the temptation and started eat for himself the semi-diarrhea I gifted him.But it would be too easy, I smother him with the plastic paper, suffocating him and pushing down his head in all the stink crap while I spit him too.Enjoy it!