Poop Deperation

Madame Du B Sludge Bombs

Big booty scat goddess Madame Du B teases you with her big beautiful bottom then bends over and drops her massive sludge bombs into the waiting toilet. Be sure to see, tribute and follow the bootyful on Twitter; @Ms_Du_B you will not be disappointed.

Scat Beast. Part 6

Here is one more our Video full of filth. In this scat session we have mostly female scat, anal and enemas and of course saved scat baggs in the end for dessert.This was sweet day and sweet fuck where everybody were satisfied several times in a straights, Aria oppened for herself new anal horisons, Christine was mstly filming but in some moment she lost it and teared the clothes away for joining us.First we did it in female and male scat, then become mad about enemas, you will not believe it, in some moment we began to do and to do enemas on each other, one after enother in endless enema circle, Than sweet fuck with tonns of saved shitÂ…Yes, that day was great indeed!

The Struggle Is Real

It’s one of those days. Hard to wake up and even harder to get up. So I’m tossing and turning, trying to get my lazy ass out of the bed…I make it to the edge of the bed, but I just can’t do it. it’s a struggle today. I lay back down but then eventually my bladder gets the best of me. It’s screaming at me to get up and go to the toilet but I decide it’s just not worth it, so I throw back the covers and spread my legs and just let that wonderful hot wetness flow. Once my ass is floating in pee I get some more relief and push out one huge, wet, nasty fart. Oh my, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…I roll over and go back to sleep!

Mouth Open Wide Part 5

Girls use New Slave Pussy