Poop Domination Pov

Poop With Guacamole Dip!

I’m just getting home and I’m starving so I get my guacamole dip and I’m about to eat, when I decided that it was missing something else good and green why not poop! I poop all over the dip as pee squirts out like a fire hose getting all over my carpet!

Eat My Smelly Shit You Worm! Short Version!

Short Version. With spitting, pissing and pooping in the Mouth of the slave and swalloing all!And the next all-absorbing toilet slave who has applied to me, to serve me as a living-loo. First, I spit the worm in its mouth before he got to swallow a fat-charge of my Spicy-pee. After that I pooped a fat portion of my Smelly shit into his slaves mouth. He has this, then completely swallowed, and that he actually eats the whole shit, I fed him with a spoon.

Lady Amira’s Delicious Excrements

Today Lady Amira visits her slave to give him her goddess shit. From now on he has to eat all her delicious excrements, what comes out of her beautiful goddess body.