Poop Durin Sex

Mistress With Boots Welcomes Her New Toilet Slave

So here you are, the new candidate… How do you like your new home? I mean.. your cage! It’s not very big isn’t it? You are here because unfortunately my last toilet passed away… after years of eating my shit and drinking my piss only, I guess he died of nutritional deficiencies…Since it is your first day with me I want you to just stay where you are and watch me take a shit. You have to stay completely silent, cause toilets don’t make sounds, except when we flush them! By the way do you like my boots? If you don’t do your job right I will step on you and make holes in your skin with those sharp heels. In fact, I love torturing my slaves wether they meet my satisfaction or not. I’m just a very sadistic Mistress.Enough talking, I really have to empty my bowels! I squat down on the floor and start pushing. You can hear some noises coming from my asshole, little farts and air. I keep pushing and moan as the shit comes out.I’m sure your dick is rock hard right now. You have to stay in a state of arousal all the time so I make sure you serve me right. You don’t deserve any pleasure in life so I will put your dick in a cage! You have to earn the privilege to be used as a human toilet. Before I begin pooping directly inside your mouth you’ll have to practice eating my shit. Have fun, slave! I’ll come back later and if you fail, I’ll get rid of you like a nasty rotten piece of trash!

Mistress Annabelle – Toilet Pleasures – Hd Ver.

Today I’m peeing, spitting and shitting at the slave mouth. I uses a slave instead of a toilet. Now every time I wants at the toilet I will use him mouth. What a pleasure to serve me, my toilet. Eat all of my shit. I have a lot of shit for you.

5-star-hotel Bathroom Naughyness

Shitting and cuming on top of this luxury toilet #scatallovermycunt

Gang Of Troubled Schoolgirls! Part 2 Hd Only

The new girl get fucked with dildos while her clittoris is receiving intense vibration of the strong magic wand, as she reaches her orgasm she squirted and shit herself!