Poop During Week

Mistress Margo And Friend Strapon And Toilet

The BBW Mistress continue her movies with our toilet slave and she just recording another one. Today she humiliate him with a nice strapon fucking scene. Then the toilet slave was sent to Mistress Margo and his humiliation continue. Mistress Margo trampling him, humiliate him with socks in mouth, socks on face, cleaning dirty socks. She shit on a plate and order him to open his mouth because she want to feed him She continue his toilet training next week with another kinky feeding in latex.

Pee In My Panty

oh no! i cant resist, i do my pee n my sexy slip, and now? my pussy its so wet of pee..i must wash it with much bubble’s soap. Wanna see me? play with me, in my toilet, and ask me all

Scat Party 2011 Part3

This time Princess Nikki shits our toilet slaves directly into his mouth. Then Princess Nikki gives strict instructions to the toilet slave to eat her shit. He needs to chew and swallow everything, because there is no escape this time. But the other slave gets another portion of shit in his mouth.