Poop Eating To Vomit

The First-class Shithouse

pinpoint, the mistress shits into the slave’s mouth and close miss . Everything next to it is fed into the slave mouth. Deep and relaxed insights granted the mistress directly during shit and pissing.

Master Class On Eating Female Shit!

Master class on eating female shit! Special low price for our fans! This is a very cozy and warm video – for those who love home comfort! In this video, girls relax in another room and spend time comfortably! Slave throughout the video is in extreme conditions – the girls take turns in the room to drop their smelly loads!

Shit Under The Christmas Tree2

Today I dress as Santa and decorate the Christmas tree. But I’d love to shit. I’m making a gift to Santa. I take a bowl and start to shit. I am satisfied with the result. This difference is a gift.

Eat My Shit From The Source

Come and face my shit straight from the source