Poop Fart Desperate

Pissing And Bondage With Rope

Pissing and Bondage with Rope


Hot baby is sexy shtting and teasing you with her hot black claws!

Shitting A Fat Pile & Shoving A Pen In My Ass

@ 12.5 Min ? I Start Off By Telling You What I Ate The Day Before So You?ll Know Exactly What Caused The Big Log That I Will Soon Be Pushing Out! I Then Tell You About The Best Shit I Ever Took. Asshole Flexing, Brow Eye Winking, Turd Peeking Fun! Next Comes The Big Poo With Close-Ups! Afterwards I Shove A Pen Into My Dirty Ass & Cover It With My Chocolate 4 You 😉

Electricity At The Morning P2

Than she shits in his mouth. It is not allowed to swallow the big fresh bunch for the toilet slave, he must keep it in his mouth as a gag because Mistress Michelle is not yet finished with the electric shocks.