Poop Farting Panties

You Are Below Me!

A Clip in which you are shown your where you belong and who is above you!Watch me degrade you by squatting over your face and imagine that if it were real, there would be no glass stopping my shit from dropping right all over your ugly face!Love that thought? Well, no cowards allowed…

The Goddess And The Toilet Slave.

HUMILIATION SCAT.Smearingnew!!!The Goddess and the toilet slave.


Long, soft yet solid, this poop get explored inside and out for your pleasure!

He Eats Piss, Shit, Puke For Pleasure! – Part 3

She sits on his puke-smeared face and unloads a solid clump of shit right into his mouth! He greedily takes it all: shit, piss, and puke! What a creature!