Poop Girl Toilet

Princess Punishes Daddy With Puke And Feces Eating! – Full Movie

This man raised a spoiled brat and he is now experiencing the consequences of such actions! After being unable to provide for her demands for some time, she retaliates at an extreme level! At first, she strips him of his clothes and then pushes her fingers down his throat, causing him to repeatedly gag! She later follows it with laying him on his back and spitting on his face nonstop until he is completely wet! When she starts wanting more, she puts his face against the floor and barrages his back with a series of stomps! Despite the pain she has inflicted, she is still not yet done! She eventually grabs a steel pan and makes him puke on it! Once filled, she has him consume every last drop of his mess! To make things much worse, she follows it with defecating on his face and having him eat her feces!

Princess Miya With Pleasure Goofs On Her Slave

Princess Miya with pleasure goofs on her slave, laughs and humiliates him. First, she shits in the mouth of her toilet-slave, but before that the slave diligently licks the ass of his Goddess. Now the slave opens his mouth and throats everything, he eats, then wipes her holes. And now the Princess will make a gift to her bitch.She kneels right on the slave’s chest, slowly inserts the hose from the enema into the ass, fills herself with water … and … She gets up, takes out another chair and sits down on it. And the worm takes everything in itself and can do nothing or say against it, he is very obedient and submissive.And then Mia lets out all from her body. She laughs at the toilet slave, while he chokes in the water and in shit.Then, the slave wipes her ass again, and she takes the camera and shoots his dirty face and spits on it.

Plump Blonde Babe In The Bath With Her Body Covered With Shit

Plump blonde babe in the bath with her body covered with shit