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Goddess Andreea – Mix Compilation Nr 5

Goddess Andreea is our latest Goddess. She is a kinky, hot, MILF and bizarre Lady. She love to use only human toilets in her new dungeon area. For this, she casting a few of them and use them everyday in her full toilet movies. Here is only the scat part from another movies of her, and from now you will see her new movies, followed by a compilation with best part of her shitty action. Enjoy and prove Goddess Andreea that you are capable to chew eat and swallow her Kaviar ! Here you will find her scat movies, parts never posted in the compilations 1 to 4.

Femdom Mistress Trains Human Toilet!

This mistress is young. But don’t let her appearance deceive you. She is experienced and she knows exactly how to treat her slave. She is his boss and she knows it. Some mistresses are brutal in their punishment, others are sweet and innocent and use their charm to place control over her slave. This mistress is a sweet and innocent one. Any man would love to have her as a mistress! She sits on you, and orders you to worship her feet with your tongue, she is tender yet dominant. She has the balance between both perfectly. After you have worshiped her feet, she spits on you so you can taste her and so you know who is in control. She then face sits you, you can smell her pussy and ass and you can’t breath, except when she allows you to. After smothering you and letting you smell her scent, she orders you to go down on all 4’s while she whips you and torments you. You want more, but will only get it when she’s ready. She once again orders you to take position, and she squats over you… ordering you to lick her pussy and her perfect asshole. You now have a real taste and are hungry for more. But in HER time, not YOURS! After she is pleased with you performance she places a bottle into your mouth, you know whats coming next… you cant wait to sample her sweet piss in your mouth so you hold it tightly. She delivers, and you drink… and now, it’s time for your main course! You can see her asshole open and stretch as her golden sausage exposes itself and before long it’s dropping into your mouth! You eat, you are smothered, you are in HEAVEN!

Mistress Gaia Noises From Wc

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