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Pissing on her tits (JJ000720)

256 Maggiordomo By Mistress Isabella

Here we are with a new long long video all in italian language abouth a new butler coming into one of my apartments to clean and…. to be an house wc steward (but he do not know that). If you do not understand italian you may be very bored abouth… or you can decide i will be your italian’s teacher. MP4

Toilet Slave Gets All The Shit And Piss He Can Handle! – Full Movie

He will do anything for his daily dose of shit and piss. Right now, he is licking this pretty girl’s cunt and asshole, getting her primed to release her bodily waste and fluids. After a few minutes, diarrhea exploded out of her asshole, which he lapped up in delight! She places a funnel in his mouth and dumped more shit and piss for him to feed on!