Poop Herself Video

Hot Ladys Shitting Afternoon

Do you like being used as a toilet right? I just need one of the permanent toilets, ready to lick my shithole before and after the toilet. In this video I’m using a slave and sits on his face. He lick my asshole with his tongue and this is the biggest reward for him. So I gets the pleasure to get licked clean my sweet asshole. Then I sit over his face and dump huge pounds of shit into his wide open mouth. He doesn’t have a choice! He must take my big smelly shit! And I smeared a whole bunch on it until the slave is completely dirty. Now he is real piece of shit and it stink terribly. Do you want to be in his place too?

Mistress Roberta – Today’s Small Breakfast And Bath -pov-part1

Today you get only 2 pieces of shit to get a small snack before going to bath thub to eat drink and bath but in this part you will only get the pee and 2 small pieces of poop, enjoy!


Oxana is hot pooping in sexy yellow pantyhose messy and stinky!

Verona’s Pee!

Verona’s standing on the sink to wash her hands. Immediately she notices, how urgent she has to pee. Therefore she undresses quickly, places herself above the toilet bowl and gegins to piss. While she’s pissing, she’s giving herself some nice handjobs.. she’s obsessed with it!