Poop In Bathtub

The Scatqueens – Shit Into The Mouth In The Woods P2

Scatqueen Lady Domi has made an enema and shits the shit broth over the slave and into his mouth. After that he has to eat the shit that came out and get a dessert. Scatqueen Lady Domi pukes him two fat portions into his slave mouth, which he swallows on ex. Then a small nightcap a la Kimi. She snorts her nasal mucus over his slave’s face.

138 Creamy Shit And Farts In Your Mouth

You don’t want to eat my shit but I know how to make you eat them! You are going to be my toilet, this is your fate slave… toilet slave hahaha Oh I forgot about the smelly farts that I have … hahaha


Oxana running messy diareeah in hot grey tights for you!

Mistress Roberta – Smearing The Leather Pants After Shitting -pov

Today i am shitting on the massage table and after pee and poop i pull my ecological leather pants on and smear them on the ass with the shit on the table so first you will lick clean my bare ass, after the pants ass and after you can enjoy the leftovers.