Poop In His Face

2018! Princess Mia

Princess Mia has accidentally met her ex-boyfriend on the street. And she has suddenly had a plan how to humiliate and kill his self-esteem. She approached him and invited for a cup of coffee. The guy agreed and did not even know what was coming. But as soon as they came to the girl’s house, she immediately grabbed his neck and put it into submission. “You’ll pay for everything, stinky chump!”, – she yelled at him and struck several times. She laid him on the floor, tied his hands tightly and began to undress. Then she poured her shit over him and clysterized right on this loser! The girl laughed at him and this game gave her great pleasure. She smeared all her shit on his clothes and at the end, just pushed him out of the house as such.

Husband Likes To Drink Piss And Eat Poop! – Part 3

Knowing that her urine isn’t enough to satisfy the guy, the lady proceeds on directly pooping into his open mouth! With every mouthful he gets, he swallows! Not long after, there is nothing left that the sweetheart could release, so she sits on his face and makes him clean her asshole! This is enough to get him aroused which caused him to stroke his cock until he reaches orgasm!

You Are A Voyeur? That Turns Her On! – Mp4

Sasha stands inside the shower and enjoys that you are watching her secretly. You can see the water flowing down her body – it’s just awesome and hot! It must be a dream! Then she turns off the water, spreads her legs wide and starts peeing right into the tub! Wow – that’s what you like to see, isn’t it…!?

Piss Soup For A Slave

Princess Nikki prepares a yummy Piss Soup for a slave. He need to drink it all!