Poop Injection

Broken Toilet 23 – Grateful Toilets

How do you determine whether a toilet is grateful or not? Let’s say something prevents you from using it a day or two. Will it miss you? Will it be grateful for your return? Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control I couldn’t use my toilet for a few days. In this video you will see how grateful he was to be able to call himself my toilet again :-)I returned with a very smelly ass that haven’t been washed and I show you all the different positions you can use your toilet to lick your ass clean. If for instance your back hurts you can use positions that is comfortable for YOU. He is your toilet slave after all so your pleasure and comfort is what counts!As you will see some of these positions are great if you want to masturbate a little while he works his tongue deep into your smelly ass. I couldn’t resist, it felt so damn good! Other positions allow you to push a little to make sure he tastes your shit right in your asshole before you finally take a big shit in his mouth and on his face like I did 😉

Voyeur Scat Japanese Women In Shopping Mall 3-3

We succeeded in taking pictures of Japanese women who frown at the shopping mall ‘s toilet.Please enjoy the brown objects coming out from the Japanese women’s anal.


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