Poop Instruction

Mistress Roberta – Diarrhea, Pee, Flegms And Spit-pov

Today i have a new pair of non panties i took on is a kind of panties without behind and even the pussy is free so the pee and the poop can be easy done with those type of panties on and after i pee and shit i spit and did flegms and spit them into the shit and when i finish i mix them up and find some hard pieces of shit for you to suck playing with my hand in the shit with the latex glove on so enjoy your breakfast.

Shit Eating Encouragement

Erica encourages shit eating as she sits on her queening chair. Talking dirty and taking a nice shit. Once she is done she lays down next to the pile of shit and talks to you and encouraging you to eat it all up as if you were laying on the other side of the pile of shit.As I’m talking you into eating my pile of shit, it turns me on and I play with myself while you are enjoying my shit.

Two Booted Ladies Use Human Toilet!

Two very cute girls pay a visit to the human toilet to deposit their insides. Each take their turn and deliver both pee and sloppy shit directly into the slaves waiting mouth.

Shit Packed Panties!

Sophie’s got a hot date, she’s very excited even just thinking about it. She dashes into the bathroom to get ready, then realises she forgot to shave her legs! She grabs a razor and fills the sink, thinking that she doesn’t have time to run a bath. She lifts her leg up and puts it in the sink, then starts to shave her legs quickly. Her tummy starts to ache and she grabs at her ass. Now she’s gotta poop too! She’ll have to try and do it quickly once she’s shaved her legs. The feeling is getting pretty insistant, but she tries to hold it.Suddenly, she can’t wait any more! With her leg still propped up on the sink, a bit of poop finds it’s way into her little white panties! Oh No! Lots more follows and soon Sophie’s panties are packed with poop!The big warm mess feels kinda sexy. Sophie can’t help but run her hands over the bulge and soon she’s completely forgetting herself and laying down on the bathroom floor to squish the poop all over her ass and rub her tingly pussy! She loves the way the mushy mess feels when she rubs it through the cotton panties.As she rubs the mess against the floor, you can see just how huge the stain is getting. Turning around, Sophie lets you see how the dirty mess has spread up her butt. The poopy starts to come out the edges of her panties. On her hands and knees, rubbing her dirty pussy furiously, Sophie cums, feeling the huge poopy squsihing out of her panties as her pussy throbs.Staniding up, Sophie pulls down her panties to show you just how big the mess is! Then, realizing the time, she continues shaving her legs for her date, shit packed panties and all.