Poop Is A Great Lubricant

Masturbation Cum Pee

Custom Video: It starts with you naked on the bed (or floor), lying on your side. The view is close-up, so that only your ass and thighs are visible. For the first two minutes or so, I want to see you posing your legs and feet, spreading your ass, and flexing your anus. Then you change position so you’re lying on your back, and start rubbing your pussy. I’d like this to be a real masturbation session, so that you’re aroused and your pussy is wet. For the rest of the video, I just want to see you masturbate yourself to orgasm, however you like — with your fingers or a dildo. If after orgasming you have some time left, I’d like to see you pee lying on your side, while lifting up one of your ass cheeks with one hand.

Bondage Handstand

Bell is tied up on an old toilet chair. With her head she hang in the hole. She pee over her body and in her own face.

Only Dry Sausage, Then Diarrhea

The first sausage was barely out, it was so dry, but then it ran smoothly …