Poop Its To Late

Hiroto: Human Toilet On A Leash!

Hiroto bowed to his Mistress carefully, making sure that he worshipped even the tips of her toes. He was not allowed to look directly at the other mistresses in the room, for doing so would be his undoing as a piss slave. The mistress orders him to lay on the floor and wear the filthy cut piss bottle in his mouth. His aging teeth grip gnarled bottle and he waits for his fate. One of the younger mistresses stands up says that her bladder is just about ready to pop. She smiles and squats on Hiroto’s bottle, giving the edge a little weight so the plastic would dig into his mouth. Hiroto smells it before he could even see it – a thick, pungent stream of piss that’s thick enough to choke him. It was so salty that his throat kicked back, making him to bite the bottle even harder. The mistress feels his distress and chuckles, taking her sweet time on the bottle before standing up. Aya the Cruel, the piss pet’s owner pulls him up with his leash and orders him to thank the other cruel mistresses. He gulps the remaining taste in his mouth and tastes the saltiness even in his throat. He pathetically bows, showing the embarrassing message penned on his back. He will be pulled back to his toilet duties… very soon.

Diaper Devotion

All you dirty diaper slave boys will show your devotion to your diaper Goddess. You have one one task – you must cum three times! I’m going to show you how to properly make a big mess, what a diaper should look like when it’s loaded to the maximum with poop, and how it should feel! Dirty boys need to be shown how to do it, and must follow my instructions!The first time I am going to seduce you until you cum. The second time I’m going to give you full instructions how to masturbate, so you cum again. And then the third time I’m going to masturbate myself with you in my own filthy, messy poop filled diaper so we cum together.In this movie I’m going to use the diaper and wet it and do a huge poop in it. It’s going to be so full of poop that it hangs down heavily between my legs under it’s own weight. I want yours to be the same – we’re going to be dirty together. There will be a lot of pee, a lot of poop and a lot of farts. It’s a very hot and nasty clip that is only for the dirtiest diaper slave boys!.

Piss Drink 28

Joschi has invited its mate to come in Jona’s slave lot. Unfortunately, the two slave friends have nothing to drink at home. But their mistress Bizarr Lady Jessica is present there, of course this knows remedy for the thirsty mouths. She picks herself up the glasses the two, trips up frivolously with her Heel on the couch and pees glasses brimfully with her piss this one. She then orders her two slaves the glasses now to drink the bet emptily. Of course another gateway still follows and after first glass.