Poop Japan Toilet Spy

3 Goddesses Abusing Slaves In Different Ways

A nice movie with 3 perfect Goddesses, each of them with a different style of humiliation, from foot fetish to using their toilets at home in the morning.

The Most Smelly Work In The World!

The most smelly work in the world! This video we made at the request of one of the users – in his idea the slave swallowed the shit in small portions and only then he received the next portion of female shit. In order not to stain the girl’s panties, the slave had to wash her face after each girl.P.S. We decided to do a little experiment and see how the girls will react if the toilet slave will sit and smoke wipe – how Yana reacted!

Hot Instructor Shits On My Face! – Full Movie

She was very disappointed with my grades in graduate class and tells me that I deserved a lesson for a job poorly done. She goes down on her knees and opens my pants, the bitch grabbing hold of my stiff cock. She pushes me down the floor and takes off her skirt and panties, then she sits on my face, rubbing her asscheeks all over me. I fingered her asshole to stimulate it, then she lets out a stream of watery shart, sticky and foul-smelling shit getting all over my body!

Slaves Birthday Treat Ipod/iphone

Its Mistress Rayvens slaves birthday today and she gives him the best birthday a slave could have. She gives him a beautiful view of the gorgeous ass he loves being under so much. Best of all she baked him a German chocolate cake with ice cream and a nice bountiful helping of her own brand of chocolate and gets to lick her clean.