Poop Masterbating

Shit-eater Know Your Place.part 1

Gotcha! I have got him again, my Shit eater. Half a year he was running and hiding from me, but I got him! I’m not letting him out now! He’ll eat my shit in kilograms. He resisted at first, but I found a way to convince him. My strapon 24/5 without preparation entered his ass, he squeaked and asked to stop, but I was relentless and continued that this toilet mouth learned a lesson and did not dare to contradict me anymore! A big pile of shit is sitting nicely in his filthy mouth. He tried to start eating but dropped to the floor, I got mad and unfolding it, stumbles his face in shit – making him eat all, him and nothing left to do but to obey and humbly to eat and swallow again and again.

Queen Sylvy’s Gassy Rear Exits!!

Queen Sinclair is back with Two hot new clips!! Enjoy as she unleashes some new Gassy Toilet clips!! These are some uncensored ones she can’t post anywhere but here on Scatshop!! Enjoy as she begins by Dropping some loud, bowl splashing snakes in the first scene. They sound like bombs hitting that water!! In the second she begins by shaking that delicious ass of hers before sitting down To Drop a FUNKY, gassy Load. She had a lot of great Grunting and straining!! I lost it listening to the sound of the plops!!

30 Cm Long Sausage Shitting And Pissing

I knees and you can see very good my Rosette,he comes a so so very long shit sausage out……ah wow a so big Portion of shit,then i piss on the sausage,the Pissbeam have not ended,so much piss,come and lick the fllor clean!! Eat my Sausage and drink my Piss you Looser Slave!!