Poop On Ass While Being Fucked

Get Ready To Swap With My Ass!

Oh, you’re such a loser, just following me everywhere. Don’t you know already you’ll never get a piece of me? Whatever. You so desperate to be around me you don’t even care? Ugh, you’re such a loser, go ahead and take these stinky shit in your mouth and swallow. You’re an even bigger loser than I thought! I shit some thick turd in your mouth and make you smell it all.

A Big And Hard One

I am stripping for you, then i lay down on the floor and piss all over it and end it with a big hard turd on the floor.

Mistress Roberta -diarrhea With Pee Soup For Breakfast-pov

This morning you will have a nice close up of me preparing your breakfast wich is diarrhea with pee soup today but of course not untill you lick clean my ass hole of shit and my cheeks of pee drops .

A Mistress And 3 Slaves Pissing Into My Mouth!

I`m not only gladly dominant and fill toilet slaves with my shit and piss, and gladly practicing Female Domination, but I let myself also gladly use them as a dirty submissive toilet slave ! That`s why here, a Mistress and 3 slaves piss me in my mouth, and fill me up with gallons of yellow and stinking piss and use me dominant as a living pissoar! And this from two camera perspectives!