Poop On Letus

Toilet Slave In Toilet Carpet Part 1

Girls Uses Man

Mistress Andreea Ashtray And Throat Pissing

Today Goddess Andreea feeling horny and need a quickly smoke. She call her slave in a hurry to use his mouth as an ashtray while she was in her dungeon. She put his to clean her high heels, to lick them, smell them, suck her heels, eat her cigarette, swallow her ash, all of these while she smoke and slap his face with angry. After that, she put him on the floor and surprise him with a huge torrent of piss directly into his throat, without anu chance not to swallow ! She use him also as a mop to clean the mess on the floor. Perfect New Goddess, with everything she need to be a star very soon ! Nice outfits, nice scenes, nice dungeon, obedient slaves and her kinky and bizarre attitude this is all you wanna see !

Pooping On My Balcony!

I’m feeling naughty today and decide to risk it and take a shit on my balcony in broad day light and with all kinds of traffic and people going by…Anyway I stand by the railing and spread my cheeks and pooping. As the first turd comes out, a bumble bee flies outta no where and scares the shit outta me! Hahahaha! I keep shitting though…and after I’m done I dip my toes into it and show it for the camera…don’t you wish you could lick them clean!

Piss For Me

Andy, here comes the preparation for Slipspiele. I piss in a bowl, with a loud, yellow beam lands my champagne in the cup. Look at and listen 🙂