Poop On Mans Face On Roof

Toilet Slave Outback Walk Part 5

GirlS Uses Man

Mistress Is Shitting On Her Hubby Slave In The Shower (mp4)

After a long office day the mistress has to shit urgently. Of course, she does not do this on a normal toilet, because therefor she has her hubby toilet slave. She beats her cucky into the shower where he gets pissed off immediately. Afterwards he gets a big dose of KV on his stomach. The slave rubs his body enjoyably with the noble caviar of the mistress and afterwards he is allowed to cum on the mistress’ shit which is smelling very intensively.

Pee Pee,pee And Pee Again

great compilation with PEE in s many ways…on my panty, on the floor…see me while i pee with legs up on my naked body and so much…

Filled Up By Ginger And Chantal

This time the slave is fed with the excrements of Lady Ginger and me. Lady Ginger wanted to pee and did it directly onto my fresh scat. First the slave is fed with a spoon and then Ginger dumps all the brown sauce made of pee and shit directly in his mouth. Before that he has to suffer much pain… His ass felt our whips hard and his nipples were tortured with clamps . Afterwards Ginger announced ‘Guys with such a little prick cannot expect a better treatment!’ *smile*