Poop On Picture

Enormous Shit For Your Babe

Are you desperate enough for hot girl shit? I mock and tease you for how badly you want my thick stinky dumps. It must be humiliating to be so bound and gagged to being my toilet–but it’s suiting that you’d be so desperate, isn’t it–it’s not like toilet like you who worships a girl’s shit has any dignity 😉 But, I can’t say that I blame you for how badly you want it… my “delicious shit” is really divine!

Goodness Grace’s Holiday Leftovers!!

A nice three day weekend for Goodness Grace meant she ate a whole bunch of food. Enjoy as she Makes you a warm plate of her leftovers in two new FUNKY clips!! Enjoy as she places a plate down on the floor in the first scene, Then unleashes the Browns. What a massive Turd as usual!! That thing must have been two feet long if it didn’t perfectly swirl to the circumference of the plate. She thought is was over after pushing out that first big log, but has to squat again to push out another!! She then presents her plate for inspection. In the second scene, she places the plate over the tub. She must have sensed she was gonna make a mess, as the next batch comes out in a stream of loose shit, before one final FUNKY explosive shart that splatters all over the tub!! What a mess!! On the tub and all over her ass!!! A perfect pair of clips, Monster logs mixed with the Mudbutt!!

Ms D Towel Runs

Ms D is a 5’10” Amazon BBW Ebony goddess!! Enjoy watching her Grunts Plops and Strains in three different scenes. Great Farts thrown in for good measure!!

Hot Ebony Girl Playing With Shit In The Bath

Hot ebony girl playing with shit in the bath