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Big Ass Mistress Golden Shower Compilation Nr 1

This Golden Shower compilation contains 7 different epic scenes.In first scene, slave lays on his back and mistress sits with her round ass over his mouth, that gets full because she had the bladder full ! He has to drink all. Because he couldn’t, he must sip from the floor all of it. He is humiliated with a foot over his head to sip it all.In the second scene, slave has a CBT with strings and mistress, which wears nude pantyhose, sits over and make them full of her flavour. Slave must clean the pantyhose after with his tongue.The third scene contains a role play of the mistress in which she plays a bizarre doctor that takes a pee in a gradated cilinder, that is after used as a cure to treat erectile dysfunction. Pee must be drank or poured over the cock to have effect … and it has an instant effect ! As a reward slave gets a hand job.Another one is in the bathtub. The slave is so arroused that he cums while he feels the warm pee over his penis and balls …The one from the end is full naked ! :)A must see compilation !

Human Piss Hole!

What does a human piss hole do? Well, what is a piss hole? A piss hole is where you can take a piss anywhere as long as there is a hole to piss in! This what this clip is about!

Poop Sessions On Couch Part 2

Girls Uses Man